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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Why We Remain Bullish on Small Mining Shares

HOUSTON -- Sometimes a thought can be distilled into a single chart.  That is exactly what we shall do in this very short holiday offering.  The year 2011 was not all that kind to the smaller, less liquid and more speculative junior miners and explorers. Indeed as shown in the chart just below, by many measures the companies we affectionately call “The Little Guys” have had little to be joyous about.
That, of course, is definitely a reason for Vulture Speculators (like us here at Got Gold Report) to be filled with jollity.  No, not because the shares we already own have fallen along with the mighty (and in many cases they have fallen mightier than the mighty).   What stokes our holiday fires in this 2011 Christmas season is that we are able to acquire meaningful positions in so many of the Resource Company Guru-chosen issues we track at super-sale, ultra-low-priced bargain prices.  Prices that only a Vulture would love.

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