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Monday, December 19, 2011

Interview with CEO of Endeavour Silver Corp

TWST: Let's begin with a brief overview of Endeavour Silver Corp. Mr. Cooke: Endeavour Silver (EXK) is a company founded in 2002, and when we went looking for strategic silver assets in Mexico in 2003, it was basically two guys with an idea, about $300,000 in working capital and $0.10 stock - the company had no assets at that time. Eight years later, today, we have growing concerns, obviously: a company with two large and growing silver-mining operations in Mexico, over 850 employees, 400 contractors, working capital is north of $150 million and a stock price of $10, $11, with a market cap hovering around $1 billion. So clearly, whatever we are doing seems to be working and it's been very accretive over the years for our stockholders. And we are just looking to do more of what we've already done in order to continue the growth profile of the company.

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