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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The $200,000-a-Year Mine Worker

200,000 for mining Gold and Silver???  Keep the cash!  How about a yearly salary of 3000 ounces of physical silver that would be a dream job!

From the Wall St. Journal
MANDURAH, Australia—One of the fastest-growing costs in the global mining industry are workers like James Dinnison: the 25-year-old high-school dropout from Western Australia makes $200,000 a year running drills in underground mines to extract gold and other minerals.
The heavily tattooed Mr. Dinnison, who started in the mines seven years ago earning $100,000, owns a sky-blue 2009 Chevy Ute, which cost $55,000 before a $16,000 engine enhancement, and a $44,000 custom motorcycle. The price tag on his chihuahua, Dexter, which yaps at his feet: $1,200.

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